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front-end dev

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What I do

Front-End Development

With a strong proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I am confident I can fulfill your development needs. My approach combines clean, efficient coding practices with creative design to build engaging, user-friendly websites and applications. Everytime I start a project, my goal is to exceed client and user expectations.

Responsive Design

As more users access websites via a mobile devices, responsive design has become a necessity in modern development. I ensure my production websites are fully responsive (Like this one!) ensuring they adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes and orientations. This approach enhances user experience, makes your website more accessible, and can even improve your SEO.

Accessibility Consulting

In a world where the internet is an essential part of daily life, web accessibility is more important than ever. Drawing from my deep commitment to web accessibility, I offer services aimed at improving the accessibility of your website. My goal is to help make your website, and the internet, more inclusive, ensuring it can be used and enjoyed by all.

My Work

Who I am

Designer & developer based out of Gainesville

I am a web developer passionate about solving problems. Whether I'm learning new web technologies through Scrimba or working on my own projects, my goal is always to create digital experiences that are accessible and user-friendly. With each project, I strive to make the web a better space.

Away from the keyboard, I enjoy hiking the many trails in North Florida or reading while I sip coffee.

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My work

A selection of my work

React Business Card Item React Travel Journal Portfolio Item Unit Converter Portfolio Item Instagram Clone Portfolio Item Endorsement App Portfolio Item Password Generator Portfolio Item Center for Precollegiate Education and Training Portfolio Item Discord Bot Portfolio Item